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Academic Faculty

Head Master: S J Everson, MA
Bursar: I D Williams, MBA, CMgr, FCMI, MAPM, MCIL
Second Master: M C Husbands, MA
Senior Deputy Head (Academic): B J C Horan, MA
Senior Master: C R Evans-Evans, BA, MEd, NPQH
Registrar: J G Taylor, MA
Deputy Head, Information Services: Dr A R H Clarke, MA, D.Phil
Development Director: N J Latham, LLB Law
Head of Upper School: R C Garvey, MA
Head of Middle School: T W Jenkin, MA
Head of Lower School: T C H Greenaway, BSc
Chaplain: The Reverend D M Bond, BA, B.Th.

Assistant Staff:

Art & Design:
Ms I Lumsden, BA (Head of Art and Design)
Miss H C Blowes, BA
S N Leech, BA
J B Rogerson BA

Mrs S N Stuteley, BSc (Head of Biology)
F J Canales-Navarrete, BSc, BEd
C W Gray, BSc
T C H Greenaway, BSc (Head of Lower School)
Mrs L Pruden-Lawson MA (Head of Clive House)
Dr B J Stallwood, Ph.D (Head of Community Service and Charities)
Mrs H Armstrong, BA PGdip (Head of Careers)
Mrs C. M. Andrews, BA, DipTransIoLET (Work Experience Coordinator)

T J Hingston, MA (Head of Chemistry)
R I M Alexander, BSc (Head of Hockey & Deputy Leader of Co-Curricular Activities)
J E L Coote, MChem
Dr S Khan, MSc., Ph.D
Dr M Lomas, Ph.D (Assistant Examination Officer)
M P Powell, MA (Assistant to Head of Upper School)
Mrs F A Rashid, BSc (Head of Science)

P D Harrison, MA (Head of Classics) (SCR representative on the Governing Body)
Miss M L Bergquist BA 
Mrs C D Fielding, BA (Staff Tutor)
M C Husbands, MA (Second Master)
X J Pollock, MA, MPhil. (Temporary)

G N Macleod, BA (Head of Academic Computing)
E E W Williams, M.Eng.
I A Jacob, BA (Entrepreneur in Residence)

Design Technology:
H J Hutchings, BA (Head of Design Technology)
J B Coleman, CertEd, MA
N J Kyriacou, BEd (Assistant to Head of Middle School)
Miss H M Park, BSC
V P Patel, BA

Drama and Theatre Studies:
D Garnett, BA (Director of Drama)

Economics & Politics:
D C Halliday BA (Head of Economics)
Dr M I Beacham, Ph.D York (Head of Andrewes House)
Mrs H V Butland, MA (Director of Teaching and Learning)
R C Garvey, MA (Head of Upper School and Teacher of Religion & Philosophy)
E P James, BA, MSc (Subject Leader for Politics)
Miss A C Thornton MPhil (Second in Oxbridge)

M. G. Hilton-Dennis, B.A. (Head of English)
P M Capel, BA (External Links Co-ordinator)
Mrs J M Cox BA
D A Gibbons MA
T W Jenkin, MA (Head of Middle School)
J D Manley, MA (Head of Mulcaster House)
I J Mitchell, BA, BSc. (Head of Psychology)
A J Richardson, MA
Mrs K Shockley, BA (Second in English)
Ms L V Smith, MA (Head of Hilles House)
J H Tyler, MA (Head of Spenser House)
J D Innes, BA (Head of Geography)
Miss N M Innes, BA
Mrs C B Jones BA
Mrs E J Lemoine, BA 
Miss H J Maxfield, BA
Mrs S A Riddleston, BA
R Simmonds, BSc (Head of PSHE)
J M Tidmarsh, BSc

R J Try, MA MSt. (Head of History)
M Flower, BA (Head of White House)
M W S Hale, BA, M.Phil (Head of Walter House)
B J C Horan, MA (Senior Deputy Head, Academic)
Miss F E Pace, BA (Second in Enrichment)
J G Taylor, MA (Registrar)
A A Watts, BA  (Deputy Director of Communications)

Information Technology Systems:
Dr A R H Clarke, MA, D.Phil (Deputy Head – Information Services)
P Gregory HND (Technical Services Manager)
J Beck (Senior Network Engineer)
J R Cho-Yee (Network Engineer)
P A J Gregory (Network Engineer)
A Karr BSc (ICT/AV Technician)
I Rudling (Webmaster)

Learning Support:
Ms E J Sadler BA Hons, MEd. (Head of Learning Support)
Mrs G M Kantor, BA Hons., OCR Dip.Spld
M J S Paynter, BA (Graduate Assistant)
Miss I E Roberts, BA, (Temporary Specialist Teacher)

Mrs A J South, BSc, Dip.Lib (Senior Librarian)
Mrs P J Jones, BA, PG.Dip (Library Assistant)
Miss R J L Millard, BA, MA (Assistant Librarian)

A S Miller, BSc (Head of Mathematics)
Dr F. R. Andrews, BSc, PhD., DIC, ARCS,
W J Beaumont, MA (Head of Duke of Edinburgh's Award's Scheme)
S J Coles, BSC 
P Davidson-Reiber, M.Math.Phil
M A Fothergill, BSc
Mrs D C Gedalla, MA
S F Hardman, BSc
Mrs G M Hazan, BA  
M F Illing, MA
Mrs N Manek, BA (Head of Examinations)
Mrs T A Omert, BEng
Miss S M Peers, M.Sc (Second in Mathematics, Tracking Manager and Second in D of E)
S L Rowlands, BSc, M.Sc., University of Cardiff. (Head of Manor House)
Mrs N K Turton, BA (family leave)

Modern Languages:
R P Bailey, BA (Head of Modern Languages)
Mrs M C R Castro, BA (Spanish)
Miss R G Haye, Licence LCE (French & Spanish)
Ms V M Kotsuba, BA, MA (French)
Miss H E McCullough, BA (German & French)
M W Pacey, B.Ed, Grad. Cert. Arts (Subject Leader for German)
J M S Rippier, BA (French and Director of Communications)
T P Rocher, L-ès-L (French)
Mrs C E Udell, MA (German & French)
F R Vignal, DipHE (Subject Leader in French and Second in Modern Languages)

S J Couldridge, DipTCL (Director of Music)
Dr R L Couchman, BA, MPhil, PhD (Head of Academic Music)
Mrs J H Stubbs, Mus B, ARCO, ALCM (Assistant Director of Music)

Physical Education:
L D Foot, BSc (Director of Sport)
R I M Alexander, BSc (Director of Hockey, Deputy Leader Co-curricular Activities and Joint Head of Sport Science)
C R Evans-Evans, BA, MEd , NPQH (Senior Master)
I McGowan, BSc, MSc Graduate Assistant
A J Mills, BSc (Director of Rugby and Joint Head of Sport Science)
M Penny, BSc Graduate Assistant
T Webley, BSc (Director of Cricket, Assistant Head of Lower School and Joint Head of Sport Science)
Mrs A Mayadeen, MPhys (Head of Physics) (family leave)
D W Hivey, BA (Acting Head of Physics)
Dr A R H Clarke, MA, DPhil (Deputy Head – Information Services)
S J Day, BSc
Dr J E Honeysett, Ph.D
C P Hull, BSc
D J Spikings, BA, MEng (Director of Studies)
I J Mitchell, BA, BSc (Head of Psychology)

Religion Education & Philosophy:
I. L. Regan-Smith MA (Head of Religious Education and Philosophy)
The Reverend D M Bond, BA, B.Th. (School Chaplain and Head of Phab)
R C Garvey, MA (Head of Upper School and Teacher of Politics)
M Flower, BA (Head of White House)

School Counsellor:
Ms P. Llewellyn BSc Hons and PG Dip

Visiting Teachers:
J Atkins, DipRAM (Trumpet)
G Boyd, DipMus (Double Bass)
S Byron, BMus Hons RCM (Trombone)
Mrs N S Coleman, CertEd (Flute)
Miss K Cormican, GTCL PDOT (Violin)
G Cracknell, LRAM (Violin)
A Francis, LRAM (Clarinet)
J Francis, (Saxophone & Clarinet)
A Gathercole, GGSM (Trumpet)
R Halford, (Guitar)
Ms N Hawkins, (Guitar)
D Hester, LTCL DipTCL (Bassoon and Music Technology)
C Hooker, LRAM ARAM (Oboe)
J Lawrence, BA (Percussion)
D Lewis, LRAM (Brass)
Mrs N Manington, BMus LGSM (Piano and Jazz Piano)
N Martin, (Percussion)
Ms P O’Sullivan, BA (Recorder)
D Rowland, MMus (perf) (Harp)
D Saunderson, GGSM (Singing)
Mrs M Stone, MMus (Piano)
Mrs N Tait, LRAM Hons (Cello)

A Bruce (Strength and Conditioning)
N Buckman (Tennis)
J Burley (Rugby – Performance Analyst)
P Cladd (Tennis)
R Crane (Rugby)
S Dokic (Athletics)
D Emms (Tennis)
L Fazekas (Fencing)
A French (Watersports)
G Furber (Cricket)
L Gick (Physiotherapist)
J Honeyben (Rugby – WASPS)
A Ibbetson (Fives)
J Jones (Judo)
M Khalifa (Squash)
N Lambert (Rugby)
P Loudon (Hockey)
A Morris (Sports Psychologist)
I Taplin (Rugby – WASPS)
D Thorpe (Squash)
L Wooldridge (Cricket)