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The Cadet Force was founded in 1900 and celebrated its Centenary with the Millennium. It is a large one, organised and run jointly with St Helen’s, and has three sections, the Army, Navy and Air Force. Its modern, purpose-built Headquarters helps make it one of the best equipped in the country. Our grounds contain an assault course, lakes for water activities and a shooting range.

Boys make the most of their opportunities to rock-climb, shoot, canoe, fly, glide, sail, mountaineer and parachute. As they mature, they also teach other cadets. They learn a large number of useful, practical skills, and develop valuable qualities of leadership, resilience, self-reliance and team-work: the 'soft skills' so valuable for future careers. There are adventure training expeditions and camps during most holidays, and, for those interested in pursuing a career in the Forces, MTS enjoys one of the best records in the UK when it comes to winning Scholarships for young officers.