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The school provides a conspicuously civilized education emphasizing individual development within the context of outstanding academic and sporting achievement, to be achieved without pressure. Despite its prominent position in the various 'league tables' MTS is not an academic-hot-house, but a happy school, set in grounds of great beauty, where the talents of each individual are nourished. Each boy has a single tutor from the day they arrive to the day they leave, taking a personal interest in the boy, getting to know him, supervising his welfare and academic progress and giving a single point of contact for parents. We aim to turn out young men of character, as well as qualification: possessors of self-knowledge and insight as much as knowledge and learning. Our mission remains, essentially, as OMT Sir Edmund Spenser defined it in a letter to Sir Walter Raleigh on the 23rd January, 1589: “The generall end is to fashion a gentleman in virtuous and gentle discipline”.

Above all, the school celebrates each boy’s contribution. This diversity creates a uniquely supportive and happy place for a boy to negotiate his teenage years. Regardless of where his individual talents lie, he will have a chance to develop them. He has the intellectual, moral and spiritual space to grow and this wonderful sense of liberty enhances the experience of the boys. The physical space: a rural idyll of 250 acres and classic Art Deco buildings only 45 minutes from Bond Street ensures that boys from the city and those from the shires mutually enrich each other’s experience.