Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide is the most respected independent guide to UK independent education. It conducts regular, full reviews of schools through personal visits, and came to MTS in 2012 and 2015. Here are some excerpts to whet your appetite; the full review can be found here.


'The school very much embodies spirit of founding head - Richard Mulcaster: 'It is not a mind, not a body that we have to cultivate, but a man; and we cannot divide him.'

'School doesn't try to mould us, they find out what's best for us and run with that, they adjust. I guess we do too but because we want to. Importantly they don't try to make us tick boxes.'

Emphasis on encouragement and inspiration not pressure and perspiration. 'You go to the gym to work out, and to school to work yourself out,' say staff.

'There is so much humour, not just in the plays but in the school, perhaps that's what sets it apart',

Boys confided, 'Sometimes we wander round the grounds and just explore the school; it's an exciting place with nooks and crannies.'

Parents say boys are 'down to earth, grounded with a healthy degree of humility and tolerance.'


‘School adamant that it’s ‘not merely a conveyor belt to top results’ - ‘Exam results are a given, it’s about what else they leave with.’

Vertical tutor system praised - parents described them as ‘almost part of the family’,

‘Civilised’ a word that comes up again and again, along with a sense of a truly cohesive community spirit. Older boys mentor the younger, the whole school eats together (no exceptions, no packed lunches) and assembles together – ‘invaluable’, says head.

Discipline ‘almost always low profile due to our hugely positive culture,’ says school. Boys are not ‘spiky’ or ‘entitled’, transgressions rare and bullying almost non-existent (‘I couldn’t believe how much friendlier it was than my prep school’, said one happy boy).

Wonderfully inclusive – ‘there’s zero tolerance of racism or homophobia,’ boys told Us’.