A Levels 2019 - Congratulations to the Upper Sixth boys on an outstanding set of results! 76% of grades at A*/A - these are the best A Level results since 2012.

Applying to MTS

Registration deadlines & Examination dates

 Key Admission Dates for 2020 Entry

Early registration is advised

11+ Exam: Early January (year 6)
Register by 31 October (year 6)

13+ Exam: Late January (year 8)
Register by 28 February (year 7)

All Bursary & Scholarship applications must be received by
30th September the year before entry

Merchant Taylors' Senior School Admissions Policy

Entry to the School is at 11+ (Year 7), 13+ (Year 9) and 16+ (Year 12/Sixth Form).

The School's Governors determine its admissions policy, while the Head Master is responsible for securing the admission of pupils. Only he has the authority to admit pupils to the School. The Head Master retains the responsibility for defining the selection criteria and making the final selection based on recommendations from senior members of the academic faculty with whom he shares interviewing and aspects of assessment and testing.

All candidates for admission are treated equally, irrespective of their, or their parents', race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, orientation, property, birth or other status. We comply with our legal and moral responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and the Equality Act, 2010).

Indicate on the registration form if your child has a disability or a specific learning difficult so that we can make reasonable adjustments to our admissions procedures to ensure that your son is not placed at a disadvantage compared to other candidates. We need to be aware of any known disability or special educational need that may affect your son’s ability to take full advantage of the education we provide. Should the situation change at any point in the process, you must update the Admissions Officer, Gregg McCann by phone or mail before accepting the offer of a place.

If you’ve got any questions, want to discuss any aspect of our policies, or read full policy documents Click here » or contact us via the Admissions Officer, Gregg McCann.

What criteria do Merchant Taylors' use for admissions at 11+, 13+ and 16+?

Merchant Taylors' selects pupils on merit. We base our decision on the breadth of a candidate’s talents and interests and attitude, as well as academic aptitude.

Merchant Taylors' Senior School Terms and Conditions

11+ Admissions

We offer based on performance in 3 areas

1. A report from your son’s current school (if we don’t receive one, this doesn’t prejudice your son’s prospects in any way). We send you a form for you to forward to your son’s school for completion. The school returns it direct to us.

2. Exams 
English, Mathematics and a general paper. 
Usually held on the second Tuesday in January at Merchant Taylors’.

3. Individual interviews for boys who are successful in the examinations.

13+ Admissions

This refers to 13+ admission up to 2021. For 2022 please click here

We offer based on performance in 3 areas. Conditional offers are made before the examinations based on

1. A report direct from your son’s current school. We request this directly and it’s usually completed on a Merchant Taylors’ form. After your son’s interview, we feedback to and discuss your son’s performance with his current school.

2. Individual interviews for all applicants.

3. Merchant Taylors’ examinations in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and a choice of French, German or Spanish. Held over two days at the end of January at Merchant Taylors’. There is a Latin examination but it is not a compulsory part of the assessment process. All examinations are marked or moderated by Merchant Taylors’ teachers.

16+ Admissions

There is no formal application prior to the publication of GCSE results.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, your son must be 16 years old by 1st September of the year of entry.

If your son has exceptional talent then please make an appointment to visit the School for a tour with a member of the Sixth Form and a follow up meeting with a member of the Sixth Form Leadership team and/or Admissions.

At the meeting we will discuss the MTS Sixth Form entrance scholarship programme and also potential A level choices.

If your son has performed exceptionally well at GCSE then please contact us immediately on results day and we will invite him to the School for a formal interview and discussion of A level choices.

We offer based on performance in 3 areas.

1. A report, including GCSE predictions, direct from your son’s current school. We request this directly and it’s usually completed on a Merchant Taylors’ form.  The school will be looking for a minimum of seven grades at 8/9 or A*.

2. Merchant Taylors’ examinations in the candidates four nominated A level subjects. Held in November at Merchant Taylors’.

3. Those candidates who are successful in the examinations will be invited to Merchant Taylors' for interviews in their nominated A level subjects and a general interview with a member of the Sixth Form leadership team.

4. A conditional offer will be emailed - this will specify attaining or exceeding a conditional offer based on results at GCSE.  These will include top grades in your son's A level choices as well as English and Mathematics.  The grades will be specified in the offer letter.