School calendar

Please be aware that we make continuous changes.

If you choose to  sync our calendar to your personal calendar please allow it to update daily.

Sports Fixtures

Lunch Menu

All enquiries concerning special dietary requirements or food allergies should be sent to Catering Manager

Piri Piri Chicken Leg Lamb Balti Kheema Roast Beef & Yorkshires Chicken Forestier Battered Cod
Pork Loin Chop Steak & Kidney Pudding Cumberland Sausages Caribbean Lamb Ham & Cheese Panini
& Creamy Mustard sauce Cod Fishfingers   Chefs Choice Tuna Pasta Bake
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---
Savoury Noodles Basmati Rice Roast Potatoes Penne Pasta Frites
New Potatoes Parsley Potatoes Mash Egg Fried Rice Bubble & Squeak
Baton Carrots Macedoine Cauliflower Cheese Sweetcorn Petit Pois
Green Beans Courgettes & Peppers Cabbage Broccoli Baby Carrots
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---
Brioche Rolls Baguettes Bagels Wraps  
Chicken Mayo B.L.T Tuna Mayo  Chinese Chicken  
Egg Mayo & Cress Egg Salad Cheese & Onion Chutney Quorn Balls Provencal  
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---
Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian
Quorn Balls Spinach & Mushroom  Veggie Sausage Fig & Blue Cheese Macaroni Cheese
Provencal Frittata & Onion Rings Tart  
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---
Jacket Bar Jacket Bar Jacket Bar Jacket Bar Jacket Bar
Soup Bar Soup Bar Soup Bar Soup Bar Soup Bar
Pasta Bar Pasta Bar Pasta Bar Pasta Bar Pasta Bar
Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---
Syrup Sponge  Rice Pudding & Jam Banana Tea Bread Chocolate Pear Upsidedown Fruits of the Forest
& Custard Muffins   & Chocolate Sauce Cheesecake
Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit  Fresh Fruit  Fresh Fruit  Fresh Fruit 
Yoghurts Yoghurts Yoghurts Yoghurts Yoghurts
Cheese & Biscuits Cheese & Biscuits Cheese & Biscuits Cheese & Biscuits Cheese & Biscuits

Term dates

Term Starts Ends Half Term    
2017 Autumn Tu 5 Sept - Fri 15 Dec Sun 15 Oct - Sun 29 Oct
(New boys day on Mon 4 Sept)
2018 Spring Wed 10 Jan - Thu 29 Mar Sun 11 Feb - Sun 18 Feb
            Mon 19 Feb (STAFF INSET)
2018 Summer Mon 16 Apr   -   Thu 5 Jul Sun 27 May   - Sun 3 Jun
            Mon 4 Jun (STAFF INSET)

2018 Autumn

Tu 4 Sept - Fri 14Dec Sun 21 Oct - Sun 4 Nov
(New boys day on Mon 3 Sept)
2019 Spring Wed 9 Jan - Fri 5 Apr Sun 17 Feb - Sun 24 Feb
            Mon 25 Feb (STAFF INSET)
2019 Summer Tues 23 Apr - Thu 4 Jul Sun 26 May - Sun2 Jun
            Mon 3 Jun (STAFF INSET)

NB Half Terms formally begin on Sundays to underline that boys selected to represent MTS in competitive sport are expected to turn out for any fixture on the last Saturday of a Half Term

Parents' Evenings

All boys are expected to accompany their parents to the designated Parents’ Evening.

The Parents’ Evenings on the dates below will be divided by alphabet as far as possible. Where boys have commitments to Music or Drama, these will be considered before allocation of Parents’ Evenings. 

All Parents’ Evenings begin at 4.30 pm (unless otherwise stated), in the Dining Hall or Great Hall. Parents will be sent an invitation to the Parents’ Evening a few weeks beforehand.

Autumn Term 2017

Tuesday 26th September, New Parents' Evening, 6.30pm

Tuesday 31st October, U6th Form

Tuesday 2nd November, U6th Form

Tuesday 7th November, U6th Form

Tuesday 14th November, Divisions

Thursday 16th November, Divisions

Tuesday 21st November, Divisions

Spring Term 2018

Tuesday 16th January, Fourth Form

Thursday 18th January, Fourth Form

Tuesday 23rd January, Fourth Form

Tuesday 30th January, Fifth Form

Thursday 2nd February, Fifth Form

Tuesday 20th February, Upper Third Form

Thursday 22nd February, Upper Third Form

Tuesday 27th February, Lower Sixth Form

Thursday 1st March, Lower Sixth Form

Summer Term 2018

Thursday 26th April, Third Form

Thursday 1st May, Third Form