Boys love subjects, but boys remember teachers. And they remember those who celebrate quirkiness, originality, inspiration, and intuition. Teachers who have the invention, innovation, creativity and courage that inspire boys to think beyond the obvious, expand their horizons, and see the possibilities that lie within them. Active learning is not new to Merchant Taylors’. Its origin can be traced back to the school’s foundation, when its first High Master, Richard Mulcaster wrote: “The best waye to learn anye thing well, which must afterward be done when it is learned, is to be a-doing, while we be a-learning”.

The Good Schools Guide comments: ‘Teaching is clearly a major strength, with teachers going the extra mile for those who are struggling and for those who need stretching’. The 2014 Inspection reported that, “Teaching is highly effective in supporting the school’s aims to be a place to learn which fosters a sense of awe and wonder and within which pupils can achieve high academic standards. Teaching benefits from very high levels of subject knowledge and a real passion for the subject”. 

Class Sizes

Class sizes are deliberately kept small, allowing our teachers to concentrate on bringing out the best in individual pupils much more sensitively. The emphasis is on discussion, self-motivated study and independent thinking.

The premium we set on diversity gives every boy a real chance to shine. A boy who feels that his talents are recognized tries his very best even in those areas that don’t come naturally and by doing so he learns the value of hard work and perseverance. He becomes self-aware, recognizing his own strengths as well as his weaknesses. He comes to have high levels of self-esteem. Self-confidence is our most powerful weapon in developing individual achievement and our collective values: a boy who values himself, value others.