Expeditions & Tours

There is a huge range of trips every year. In recent years, destinations have included China, Cuba, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New York, California, Florida, the Atlas Mountains, the Red Sea, Mount Kenya and Peru. Language exchanges take place each year with Hamburg, Madrid and Paris and older boys pursue work experience abroad. The classicists visit Greece or Italy; the Geography Department takes pupils to China, the States, Iceland and Switzerland; the Art Department visits New York frequently. The Physics Department has taken boys to the Kennedy Space Centre and makes an annual excursion to CERN, just outside Geneva. The musicians tour either continental Europe or the USA, and there are annual ski-trips to the Alps or North America. Recently the cricketers have been to Barbados, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, while the rugby players have been to South America, South Africa, Australia, Canada and Italy. Hockey teams have toured in both Holland and South Africa. The school also offers 5 travel scholarships and additionally, a generous number of scholarships for Adventure Training and Sail Training.

Trips at Merchant Taylors’ are hugely popular with a great variety of destinations (including Cuba, Nepal, West Indies, Argentina, Brazil, China, Madagascar in recent years). The exchanges complement these and give boys the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of other cultures.