A Boys' School

We work closely with St. Helen’s School and Northwood College for Girls, so that Taylors’ boys experience good, productive, working relationships with girls their own age. The joint CCF with St. Helen’s School is a weekly activity; there is also a joint orchestra, and all major school plays are open to both girls and boys. There is punctual collaboration on cultural activities, foreign language events, and Oxbridge interview preparation.

Taylors’ has remained a single sex school, because an increasing body of academic research shows that there are significant differences in the way that boys and girls learn that are best addressed by creating learning situations that respond to boys’ needs. Boys are visually focused and movement-orientated. Their capacity for perseverance is directly related to their level of motivation. They will only work, firstly if it is interesting and secondly if they like the teacher. Boys are group-oriented, not task-oriented: they will do better if they and their friends get to ‘win’. And because boys expect to get ahead in some areas, they don’t mind losing in others. Their fear is not losing out in an individual competition; it is not making the base line full stop.

Only a school that recognizes these issues and develops academic strategies that suit boys and stretch them will bring out the best in your son.