Tutors operate within a House system and Heads of House provide a further source of support and advice for you, your parents and the teachers. 

There are many prestigious inter-House competitions, such as House Music, House Drama and also House Hockey, House Cricket and House Swimming. There are also many smaller competitions for games like chess as well as more academic contests such as House Debating - always a popular way to hone one's debating skills. These offer an opportunity to all boys - regardless of whether they already represent the school in any way - to take a full part in life at Sandy Lodge.

House Assemblies take place on Wednesdays and allow boys to present on all kinds of subjects to their peers and also take care of House administration. The eight Houses are all named after famous Old Boys of Merchant Taylors': 

  • Andrewes (Lancelot Andrewes, translator of the King James bible)
  • Clive (Robert Clive, Lord Clive of India)
  • Hilles (Sir Richard Hilles: the driving force behind the foundation of the School; a Humanist and Protestant exile under Queen Mary, he came to collaborate closely with Catholic Merchant Taylor Thomas White to create the school in 1561)
  • Mulcaster (Sir Richard Mulcaster, the school's first Head Master)
  • Spenser (Edmund Spenser – the poet laureate of Queen Elizabeth I, whose Faerie Queene is a classic of world literature)
  • The Manor of the Rose - (the name of the school's original building in Suffolk Lane: “The Rose, within the parish St Lawrence Poultney” [Shakespeare, Henry VIII])
  • Walter (John Walter - the founder of the Universal Register, that become The Times newspaper)
  • White (Sir Thomas White, Lord Mayor of London, founder of St John’s College, Oxford, and co-founder of the school)