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"We are not so much to regard the Ecce, how great it is, as Gaudiam, what joy is in it; that is the point we are to speak to."

Bishop Lancelot Andrewes, OMT, 1568-73, Translator of the King James' Bible

In the School Statutes of 1561 article XXV states, “These shall be taught in the said school children of all nations and countries indifferently”. We put into practice this vision of our Anglican foundation, in a Twenty First Century context developing a culture that is tolerant, open, and caring through a rich tapestry of activities. We promote an enquiring, critical and sympathetic approach to the study of religion throughout the School. 

The Chaplaincy is a port of call for all members of the community to seek a sense of the spiritual during the school day and the Chaplain is available at all times to discuss any matters which need to be shared, irrespective of religion or religious persuasion. 

As a priest in the Church of England, the Chaplain also provides support for those who have a Christian faith or are on a journey of exploration; Holy Communion takes place on Friday mornings, and the chapel is a licensed venue for weddings and baptisms.