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The school has enjoyed a distinguished history since its foundation by the Merchant Taylors' Company in 1561. It was one of the nine original public schools that formed the basis of the work of the Clarendon Commission of 1861 and the subsequent Public Schools Act. Its pupils have achieved distinction throughout its history. The school enjoys close links with the Company, which, to this day, constitutes its Governing Body. In 1933, the school moved from central London to its present superb, rural setting of 250 acres at Sandy Lodge, Northwood. We are within easy reach of parents in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North-West London by car, train or school coach service, as well as a mere half hour by tube from Baker Street.

A look back at the place where the School began - Suffolk Lane 1561-1875

“The grammar school, founded in the Parish of St. Lawrence Pountney in London in the yere of our Lord God one thousand fyve hundred, sixty-one by this worshipfull company of the Marchaunt-Taylors of the Cytty of London, in the honor of Christ Jesu”

The Merchant Taylors’ Company founded the school in 1561 and continues to have a close association with it, not least within the governing body. It was one of a number to become closely involved with the foundation or re-foundation of schools in the sixteenth century, whether under the influence of the ‘New Learning’ of the Renaissance or, coupled with this aim, a desire to advance and preserve the religious principles of the Protestant Reformation.

Richard Hilles and his associates in the founding of the school were decidedly representative of the latter tradition but also concerned to establish an orderly training of the mind through the study of the Greek and Latin languages and literature.

Almost from the outset there was a close link with St John’s College, Oxford, founded by the Merchant Taylor, Sir Thomas White. more »

A look back at the place where the School began - Suffolk Lane 1561-1875 here
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