GCSE Results 2019

88% of boys secured the equivalent of A or A* grades

As with last week’s A Level candidates, Merchant Taylors’ pupils have exceeded expectations and delivered an outstanding set of results. 88% of boys secured the equivalent of A or A* grades, slightly higher than last year’s cohort.

Of particular note is the number of boys who have attained a Level 9 grade. This is a grade which, when introduced, the Department for Education stated would probably only be achieved across all subjects by 4 or 5 % of pupils nationally. In what is this first year of the exams, we had 12 students who received only the top grade: A*/9.  Many congratulations to Sachin Aggarwal; Santusht Ahtti; Zachary Bub; Taran Judge; Joseph Morgan; Ryhan Patel; Rohan Puri, Willem Redman, Shaan Ali Remani, Avi Shah, Shivam Soneji and Lukas Wachtel.

Levels 9 – 1 are now used in 17 subjects, except the four IGCSE exams: Computer Science, English Literature, English Language and History. In those subjects using the new grading of 9-1, 1554 exams were taken: 31% achieved the highest grade of 9. Grades 8 and 9 combined represent the old A* grade – 66% of our pupils received this. In total, 88% were awarded a grade 7 or above, the equivalent to the old A*/A range. The table below combines the outcome of both types of assessment, using the more familiar system of A*-U grades. 




















Headline Achievements (last year in brackets)
•    12 students achieved the highest possible grades in all subjects, i.e. 9s and A*s  
•    41.8% of the entries achieved top grade (9s or A* where applicable)
•    75% (68%) of pupils achieved 5 A* grades or more.  
•    46% (38%) achieved 8 A* grades or more.  
•    31% (26%) achieved 9 A* grades or more.
Fifteen departments exceeded 80% A*/A grades, with Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Greek, Latin, Maths, Physics and RS exceeding 90%.

The 23 highest achieving pupils, with 10 or more A* grades (or equivalent), are: 
Sachin Aggarwal, Santusht Ahtti, Aaron Benedict, Theo  Berenzweig, Zachary Bub, Sean Duggan, Zain-Ul Haq, Taran Judge, Aman Khawaja, Rohan Kothari, Zain Lodhi, Joshua McInally, Ryhan Patel, Rohan Puri, Willem Redman, Shaan Ali Remani, Issey Rodriguez, Avi Shah, Aditya Sharma, Shivam Soneji, Haider Virjee, Lukas Wachtel, George Wright
The 2 pupils achieving 9 A* grades (or equivalent) are:
Ishaan Aggarwal, Adam Amrani, Sophie Amrani, Harry Brook, Dylan Byrne, Maximilian Cheetham, Thomas Cumming, Michael De Bruijn, William Gross, Charles Horridge, Arav Karania-Shah, Oscar Khan, Zayn Khan, Toby Michaels, Joseph Morgan, Anish Morjaria, Rishi Pandya, Jayme Patel, Rikin Patel, Rohan Patel, Aadam Quraishi, Daniel Rowlands, Niam Shah, Tej Shah, Praneil Singh, Aman Thakkar, Mohammed Ullah
The 24 pupils achieving 8 A* grades (or equivalent) are: 
Zayn Baig, Alexander Baldwin, Yoshiki Berrecloth, Luca Braddock, James Cameron, Hamzah Chaudhry, Sebastian Constantine, Ryan Dabrera, Dylan Flanagan, Rizwan Hameed, Thomas Haynes, Aidan Ho, Jay Patel, Kieran Persaud, Rahul Randev, James Savage, Noah Schutte, Kaanan Shah, Karan Shah, Benjamin Smart, Rishil Sodha, Neel Thakkar, Niam Vaid.

In addition to their GCSE/IGCSEs examinations, 6 boys undertook a Level 2 HPQ project and achieved 2A*s, 2As and 2Bs.