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Head Master

Since 2013, Simon Everson MA PGCE, educated at Solihull School and Cambridge (English) 
before completing a masters in philosophy at Nottingham. Latterly head at Skinners’ School in 
Tunbridge Wells. Was adamant that very few schools would tempt him away but couldn’t resist 
the lure to MTS, where he took over ‘a school with wonderful tradition, but one that’s vibrant and 
relevant now’. Still loves teaching – currently philosophy and ethics to year 9s.

Unaffected, unruffled and with a wry sense of humour lurking below the introverted, intellectual 
exterior. A corporate head, according to parents – well-liked and respected (including by staff) 
and easy-going face-to-face (we’ll vouch for that) but his public persona is on the loftier side, we 
heard. Possibly a little distant from the younger boys too, resonating more with them by the time 
they reach sixth form. ‘Very fair,’ say boys. ‘Operationally brilliant and his heart and soul is in the 
school,’ reckoned parent. Increasing the financial benefits to scholars has been a priority. And he 
never misses a chance to challenge himself (latest endeavour was writing a book during 
lockdown) – ‘it’s what we ask the boys to do, so it’s important I know how it feels.’

Married to Ginny, a psychotherapist. Enjoys walking, birdwatching and Scotland and is a 
qualified apiarist (beekeeper).

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