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This section of the MTS website is devoted to sharing documents and information with our parents.

Curriculum Booklets

Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet 2022
Sixth Form Options Booklet 2022
i/GCSE Booklet 2022
Fourth Form Curriculum 2021

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i/GCSE Set Codes

Public Examination Timetable Summer 2022

Afternoon Daily Coach Service Timings (Summer Term)

Coach Service Typical Departure Times

Coaching Course For Parents

Co-curricular Activities Booklet

Educational Visits Summer 2022 onwards

Moor Park 1958 Ltd Car Emblem Application

Music - Instrumental and Singing Tuition Application Form

MTS Parental Wellbeing Programme 2022

Permission Form for Upper Sixth Formers to Drive to School 1

Permission Form for Upper Sixth Formers to Drive a non-family member to School

Pupil reporting form for COVID-19 Home testing

RSE A Guide for the Family


The injury record form below is for you to record details about the nature of injury you have sustained. Information provided helps us understand the pattern and types of injury that occur through life at school and allows us to work effectively with the school physiotherapist, where required, to get you back to sport and physical activity as soon as possible.

Injury Reporting Form

Physiotherapy support provided by the school is an additional service provided by the school with an associated cost. In order for your son to be able to access physiotherapy we require both your parental consent for him to receive this support and agree to the cost of £100 to be added to the school bill should your son access this service. This fee is for the entire academic year (Sept-July) and provides unlimited sessions for any injury(ies) that he may require in this period.

Physiotherapy Form


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