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As of 18th March 2024, Merchant Taylors' School will no longer be accepting 13+ applications. This change does not affect current offer holders for Year 9 entry in 2025 and 2026. You can find more information on the change here, or if you have any further questions please contact:

Bursaries (Fee Support) at Merchant Taylors’

Since our founding in 1561, Merchant Taylors’ has been dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities possible to children with talent. This spirit continues through our bursary programme which aims to broaden access to education to exceptionally talented pupils irrespective of their financial circumstances.

Our bursary programme provides financial support up to 100% of the fees and in some circumstances may also cover uniform, coaches, and other costs to enable pupils to take full advantage of the broad spectrum of activities here at Merchant Taylors’.

Bursaries and Scholarships are assessed independently so if a pupil has been offered a Scholarship, they may also be eligible for a Bursary and vice versa. 

How can I Apply for a Bursary?

Eligibility for a Bursary is assessed via financial means-testing which is carried out by an independent company and is likely to require a home visit.

The first step is to complete your son’s registration here. Once this is complete, drop the Admissions Office an email expressing your interest in a Bursary Application. Pupils applying for a Bursary will undergo the same entry assessment as all other pupils.

At the time of your offer, you will also be notified of the outcome of your bursary application.

Just a reminder completed bursary applications need to be submitted by 30th September the year before entry (when your child is in Year 6 or Year 11 for 16+).

For further information please contact Admissions by email at You can download our Bursary Policy here.

Bursary Success Stories

Ronan Haskurti (2011-2018)

‘Without bursaries you have a reservoir of talent and potential that remains untapped. A bursary is an investment. After I left Merchant Taylors’, I became aware that it was one family’s gift that had funded my bursary. This family completely changed my life.’  


Marcus Cox (2012-2017)

‘The hardship bursary I received was the only way for me to remain at the school and it made all the difference to my life. The school nurtured and developed my nascent interest in music; my teachers steered me in the right direction and made me realise that music is what I wanted to take forward into my future career."