The deadlines for Bursary applications are:

11+ & 16+ September 30th the year before entry

13+ September 30th of year 6

What’s the difference between a bursary and scholarship?

Bursaries help broaden access to the School by offering eligible parents/guardians financial support with the fees. Bursaries are available at any point of entry up to 100% of the fee.

All bursaries are means-tested.

We award scholarships on merit, irrespective of means. Scholarships signify excellent performance and outstanding potential. We currently offer academic, all-rounder, Art, Drama, Design Technology, Music, and Sport scholarships. Some are named after important benefactors, most of whom are alumni (Ackworth, Beckwith, Cox, and Harding Scholarships). These vary in value up to 25% of the fee (Music) and can, of course, be supplemented by bursary awards.

Is my son eligible to receive a bursary as well as a scholarship?

Yes. Scholarships can be supplemented by means-tested bursaries where there is a proven need.

How many bursaries are there?

The number varies from year to year.

How and when do we apply for bursaries?

  1. Register your son here
  2. Apply for a Bursary by letter or email to the Admissions Officer
  3. Complete the confidential means-testing application form we send you. There is an administration fee of £99. This fee is fully refundable if there is a proven need for financial assistance, regardless of whether a place is offered.
  4. Your application will be processed by an external agency and you will receive a home visit.

The deadlines for Bursary applications are:

  • 11+ & 16+ September 30th the year before entry
  • 13+ September 30th of year 6

What information will I be asked to provide?

The Bursary Application Form asks for information about the following:

  • Income (Salary, Pension, Benefits etc.)
  • Outgoings (Tax, NI, Pension contributions, Mortgage repayments etc.)
  • Capital Assets (Savings, ISAs etc.)
  • Capital Liabilities (Mortgage etc.)
  • Net Assets

You will also be asked to provide:

  • 3 months’ payslips
  • Mortgage statement
  • Most recent P60

How do you award bursaries?

We welcome applications from parents whose sons would benefit from coming to the School, and who would contribute strongly to the life of the community, but who require financial assistance. Such assistance is available up to the value of 100% fees, together with reasonable School-related expenditure.