Amongst the best academic schools in the country, MTS is particularly proud that our results are achieved in a civilized and humane atmosphere in which criticism is tempered with warm encouragement.

Success is a result of the pleasure the boys take in thinking independently and their enjoyment of conversation and debate in their search for explanations and solutions. We achieve outstanding results by emphasizing encouragement and inspiration.

The most recent Inspection Report on the School, delivered in the spring of 2014, described the education we provide as ‘exceptional’ and emphasized how our richer educational vision underpinned that achievement. “Achievement is exceptional. The … curriculum… offers choice at all stages. It fully meets the needs of academically able pupils and is enriched by an outstanding range of societies and clubs. The extra-curricular provision is exceptional, and pupils’ achievement within it is excellent. Pupils … are receptive, alert, highly articulate and well motivated. They show creativity and imagination…”.