Lunch Menu

All enquiries including those concerning special dietary requirements or food allergies should be sent to Catering Manager

There are major issues in supply chains nationally which have the potential to impact the Catering Department.
In consequence, it is possible that changes to the published menus may be required at short notice.

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Lamb KoftaRoast Beef & Yorkshire PuddingBeef LasagneFajita Style Chicken served Fish of the Day served with 
Spiced Chicken KebabChicken Pie & LiquorChicken Linguinewith a WrapLemon Wedge & Tartare Sauce
Both Served with'Bangers' Spiced Beef served withLamb Burger Served with a Bun
Warm Pitta & Mint YoghurtGravy a Wrap & Cheese 
Rice Roast PotatoesPenne PastaSpiced WedgesChips 
CouscousMashed PotatoesGarlic & Herb New PotatoesCorinader RicePeas
Mini Corn on the CobOven Roasted CarrotsBroccoliSliced CarrotsColeslaw
Stir Fry VegBaked BeansOven Roasted VegSweetcorn & PeppersMixed Salad
Vegan Kebab served withVeggie Toad in the HoleMushroom & Spinach Pesto PastaSpiced Veggie Mince served Vegan 'Chicken Style' Nuggets
Warm Pitta & Chilli Sauce  with a Wrap & Cheese 
Jacket BarJacket BarJacket BarJacket BarJacket Bar
Pasta BarPasta Bar Pasta BarPasta BarPasta Bar
Salad BarSalad BarSalad BarSalad BarSalad Bar
Eves PuddingVictoria SpongeFresh FruitJam & Coconut SpongeDessert of the Day
Creamy CustardTriflesAssorted Veggie JelliesVanilla Sauce 
Fresh FruitFresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit 
Cheese & BiscuitsCheese & BiscuitsCheese & BiscuitsCheese & BiscuitsCheese & Biscuits