Lunch Menu

All enquiries including those concerning special dietary requirements or food allergies should be sent to Catering Manager

There are major issues in supply chains nationally which have the potential to impact the Catering Department. In consequence, it is possible that changes to the published menus may be required at short notice.

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Firecracker Chicken LegCornish PastyBaked Italian MeatballsRoast ChickenBreaded Haddock
Lamb Kofta & Pitta BreadLamb StewB.B.Q Chicken ThighsRoast Beef & yorkshiresSweet & Sour Pork
   Bacon Chops      Chicken Wings
Savoury RiceBaby Baked PotatoesPastaRoast PotatoesSkinny Fries
Vegetable NoodlesChampCroquette PotatoesNew Potatoes & ChivesFried Rice
Corn & PeppersBaked BeansRoasted Mix VegetablesCarrotsPetit Pois
Fine Green BeansDiced Carrots & SwedeBroccoliCauliflowerRatatouille
Vegetable SamosasChedder & Leek QuicheTomato & Basil PastaRoasted Red Pepper & Mediterranean Pitta Bread
   Vegan Sausage Rolls   Lentil Crumble   
Baguette BarBaguette BarBaguette BarBaguette BarBaguette Bar
Jacket PotatoesJacket PotatoesJacket PotatoesJacket PotatoesJacket Potatoes
Pasta BarPasta BarPasta BarPasta BarPasta Bar
Plated SaladsPlated SaladsPlated SaladsPlated SaladsPlated Salads
Syrup SpongeCold DessertFruitApple Snow CakeCold Dessert
Fresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh Fruit
Cheese & BiscuitsCheese & BiscuitsCheese & BiscuitsCheese & BiscuitsCheese & Biscuits