The History of MTS

Timeline of the school

Merchant Taylors’ Company founded the School

Headmaster Richard Mulcaster publishes his programme for education the Positions and Elementarie

John Goad rescues the School Library during the Great Fire of London.

New buildings on Suffolk Lane completed

John Walter, OMT, renamed his newspaper The Times

Merchant Taylors’ one of the nine leading schools named in the Clarendon Report

MTS moves to Charterhouse Square and modernised its curriculum

The House system was introduced

The School moved to its current location in Sandy Lodge

The School expanded the House system to eight houses

Opening of Music Building

Opening of Sports Hall/ Swimming Pool

Saturday Morning School Ceases

Opening of Modern Foreign Languages Building

Boarding House Closes

Opening of New Reception / Undercroft

Old Merchant Taylors’ War Memorial Clubhouse relocated to School site

Opening of Design Centre

Opening of Edward Evans Geography Building

Covid-19 pandemic forces MTS to operate in on-line mode for a term. This is repeated in Spring term 2021.