MTS Public Exam Results

Exam Results 2020

After the necessity to switch to online learning in late March, our Fifth Form pupils have risen magnificently to the challenge. They have been superbly supported by our exceptional teaching staff; we are proud that their combined efforts have been so well rewarded this morning with the GCSE results.

We are also delighted by the success of our A Level students, whose hard work has now also been properly rewarded.

We stand by the wonderful GCSE and A Level grades as accurate assessments of each pupil’s potential achievement, with the vagaries of poor exam marking, unexpectedly difficult exam papers, exam nerves and the thousand other negative impacts of high stakes testing removed.

Merchant Taylors’ School is very proud of these young men, whose hard work over the years has been fairly and properly recognised.


74% of exams were awarded grades 9 and 8 – the equivalent of an A* grade

93% of exams were awarded an A* or A grade.

12% of pupils received only grade 9s – the equivalent of A**

29% of pupils achieved only 9s and 8s – the equivalent of A*

61% of pupils achieved only 9s, 8s and 7s – the equivalent of A*-A

At A Level:

Over 80% of exams were awarded grade A or above

96% of exams were awarded A*-B grades

Over a fifth of pupils achieved only A* grades

61% achieved only A*s and A grades