MTS actors' film premieres

Middle School actors perform stunning version of Victoria Baumgartner's play, Bard in the Yard

On Friday 27th November, MTS actors starred in their YouTube Premiere. The actors and technicians involved displayed excellent commitment and resilience this term. Particular thanks to the members of staff who were an integral part of the project, notably Mr Gimmi for his fantastic set design and Mr Richardson, Mr Hetherington and Mr Yule for their contributions to the rehearsal process.

The playwright, Victoria Baumgartner, and Theatre Company, Will & Co, tuned in to watch the play alongside the MTS community on Friday evening. They were incredibly impressed with how the text was brought to life and wrote to us: “Thank you very much for this wonderful moment of theatre. Well done to your students! What a beautifully acted, heartfelt and relevant performance of the text. All of them threw themselves in the part, and mastered Shakespeare’s words with gusto. Bravo!” Victoria Baumgartner.

Tuning in to watch and complementing their English and Drama studies were the MTS Lower School. Here is a review from Luca McCormack (4ths):

The play connects particularly well with its audience because of the similarities between quarantine life in Shakespeare’s time and in the present day, providing ample comic value. One aspect I particularly enjoyed about the play was the direct address to the audience by Shakespeare who was portrayed by multiple stand-out actors in turn, which helped to engage the audience and made Shakespeare more accessible than how he is often regarded in modern culture. This was further assisted by the use of different levels of humour which amused not only children or adults, but everyone in between. One example of this was his competitive  quarantining with the playwright Ben Johnson and their learning of obscure new skills to occupy their time, thus underscoring that in some ways, life hasn’t really changed that much.