National Vex Robotics Success

MTS represents the UK in World Championships

For the second consecutive year our teams have qualified to represent the UK at the Vex Robotics World Championships. This is an outstanding achievement for the boys involved given the extra layer of complexity presented by the lockdown and social distancing! The teams took part in a series of live remote skills events and a live remote tournament against other schools before the Easter break and for three days over the Easter holiday. Two of our teams placed first and second in the live remote tournament so congratulations to MTS Eclipse and MTS Vexfactor respectively! Our third team MTS 13765B qualified by posting an impressive skills score. The boys were outstanding competitors and fantastic ambassadors for the school and the sport of competitive robotics and we are really proud of them.

Next stop will be the World Champiosnships. Sadly not taking part in the USA this year, but out teams will still be competing with the best of the best from around the world.... from the comfort of the Design Centre!

Congratulations to our world class competitors:

Aaditya Bhandarkar (4ths)

Sanchit Sethi (4ths)

Praniv Ahluwalia (4ths)

Niam Patel (4ths)

Luca McCormick (4ths)

Noar Zabergja (4ths)

Dara Sommerville-Lodhi (4ths)

George Killigrew (4ths)

Kian Shah (4ths)

Khush Mehta (4ths)

Nilen Rao (4ths)

Andrei Antohe (4ths)

Ron Goh (4ths)

Shahraiz Siyyid (4ths)

Nikhil Mehta (U3rds)

Shayan Nezami (U3rds)

Yash Desai (U3rds)

Lu'ay Ben Alaya (U3rds)

Alec Meade (U3rds)

Wish them luck at the World Championships which take place at the end of May.