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Merchant Taylors’ Announces Change to Admissions

At Merchant Taylors’ we understand that change – and the effort that goes with it – are an essential part of growth. As we look towards the future, it is with careful consideration that we are adapting to meet the evolving needs of our boys and their families. In that spirit, we wish to share some important news regarding our admissions process.

What’s Changing?

In response to increasing demand from parents for pupils to join us in Year 7 rather than Year 9, Merchant Taylors’ School is announcing that we will no longer offer 13+ (Year 9) places but instead make an enlarged offer at 11+ (Year 7).

Our previous practice was to make offers to fill approximately 75 places for entry in Year 7 and a further 100 places to join in Year 9 two years later. From February 2025 we will only make 11+ offers, sufficient to fill 140 places in September 2025. 

This change does not affect current offer holders for Year 9 entry in 2025 and 2026 and we look forward to welcoming those pupils as planned.

Opportunities and Advantages

Whilst there will be a change in admissions, we will ensure that all current pupils continue to enjoy the existing opportunities provided by Merchant Taylors’ School. There will be no change to the small class sizes or tutor groups enjoyed by existing pupils. We are proud that Merchant Taylors’ is a place where individuals develop - where we really know your child and he can find his niche.

There are many advantages to the initiative. We will be able to deliver a consistent experience for our pupils from Year 7, further developing our impressive provision. We will introduce new opportunities earlier on, shaping a curriculum from the outset of their senior school education to culminate in outstanding A-Level outcomes. Pupils joining the school at the age of 11 will be able to engage with new activities, enjoy the extensive facilities from an earlier age, and join the elite musical ensembles and perform in whole school drama.

Balanced Year Groups Across the School

The longer-term outcome will be to retain the existing size of the school but with a more balanced school population across the year groups, retaining small classes and outstanding care for the individual through our vertical tutor system. This change gives us longer together with new joiners to cement that development.

What will the Admissions Process be at 11+?

A timeline showing the Admissions journey can be found here. In December of Year 6, applicants will be invited to sit entrance exams in Maths, English and the MTS General Paper. Top performing candidates will be invited back for an interview in January/February.

If you have any questions about this change please email them to