Lunch Menu

All enquiries concerning special dietary requirements or food allergies should be sent to Catering Manager

  Christmas Dinner     DOCTOR'S DAY
Carbonnade of Beef Roast Turkey Chicken Korma Spicy Chicken Fillets  
Lamb Meatballs Kilted Sausages B.B.Q Ribs & Pitta Bread Beef Burgers  
Chilli Beef & Tacos (F) Stuffing Balls Sausage Lyonnaise American HotDog  
  Cranberry Sauce      
---"--- Roast Potatoes ---"--- ---"---  
Baby Baked Potatoes Mash Potatoes Rice Skinny Chips  
Penne Pasta Brussel Sprouts Herby Dice Fried Potatoes  
Diced Swede,Carrots,Peas Roasted Parsnips Broccoli Peas   
Green Beans Carrots Sweetcorn & Peppers Coleslaw  
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---  
Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian  
Vegetarian Lasagne   Chinese veg Curry Spicy Bean Burgers  
Garlic Bread Caramailsed Red Onion & Rice    
  & Chedder Quiche      
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---  
Jacket Bar Cherry Tomato & Roquette Jacket Bar Jackets 20  
Soup Bar Linguine Soup Bar    
Pasta Bar Pasta Bar    
Salad Bar   Salad Bar Salad Bar  
---"--- ---"--- ---"--- ---"---  
Toffee Apple crumble Christmas Pudding Madeliene Sponge Assorted Desserts  
Fresh Fruit & Brandy Sauce & Custard Ice Cream  
Yoghurts Chocolate Log      
Cheese & Biscuits Satsumas / Clementines Fresh Fruit  Fresh Fruit   
Mince Pies Yoghurts Yoghurts  
  Cheese & Biscuits Cheese & Biscuits