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Absence and Off Games Procedures

Absence: contact Ms Newcombe: 01923 845536 or 

• If your son is absent from school at short notice, please ring/inform the school as soon as possible
• If your son is off for more than one day, please could you ring/inform the school for each day of his absence
• When your son returns to school, he should bring a letter from you confirming the reason for his absence

Request for absence: contact Dr Clarke

• Please write to the above address

Late for school or leaving early: contact Ms Newcombe

• Should your son arrive late to school, return to school during the day from an appointment or leave school during the day for an appointment, he must report to Ms Newcombe in Reception.

‘Off Games’: contact Ms Newcombe

If your son is not well enough to take part in Games he should bring a letter from you confirming the reason. This letter should be handed, in the first instance, to Ms Newcombe (not the teacher in charge of the game) before 8.30 am on the day in question. On Mondays, boys who are off games are free to go home after Period 5. On Wednesday afternoons, all boys in the Lower and Middle Schools who are ‘off games’ should report to the Library at 2.30pm where a register will be taken by a member of staff. Boys in the Upper School are allowed to go home to study but must ‘sign out’ with Ms Newcombe when they leave.