Academic achievement

Academic achievement is outstanding by any yardstick. We put our faith in the boys’ achievements and ability and they replay us handsomely. In an atmosphere that emphasizes attainment beyond as well as within the curriculum, and where there is no cramming or hot-housing, superb results are achieved. The Tatler puts it this way:

‘League-table lemmings (shame on you) will note the MTS name is always near the top… If you take league tables seriously, then MTS shines like a beacon, coming in near the top, but what we like is its broad take on what makes for a great school: “Our curriculum is not only everything that contributes directly to the boys’ learning and exam success, but our co-curricular activities also promote their moral, physical, social and spiritual development”.’





2018 71.4% 92.9%
2017 68.5% 87.6%
2016 66.6% 87.3%
2015 71.8% 92.7%  
2014 67.9% 93.9%  





2018 64.3% 87.3% 97.7%
2017 65.0% 88.5% 96.9%
2016 63.4% 87.7% 96.7%
2015 62.0% 87.3% 99.6%
2014 67.1% 90.3% 98.0%

Exam Results

League table positions change from year to year and from newspaper to newspaper. At the top, the schools are so close that very small fluctuations in results can send schools careering up and down the tables.

For the boys at MTS, what matters most is that they are happy as well as successful. Nonetheless, it is a testament to how hard the boys have worked that the school has been so consistently near the top of the tables year after year.

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Wikipedia comments

‘The School has been one of the top 10 UK Boys' schools in every year since 2000 according to the academic ‘League Tables’ - typically placed between second and sixth. However, the School draws little satisfaction from this, as the Gradgrind philosophy that underpins the tables is so at variance with its ethos of diversity and breadth of achievement’. ‘The most recent Inspection Report on the School, delivered in the autumn of 2008, better captures the School’s approach to education, describing the education offered as “outstanding”, but emphasizing the richer educational vision of the school that underpins academic achievement: “The quality of the educational experience provided is outstanding and fulfils the school’s aims and philosophy of creating a strong learning community in which breadth of achievement is valued equally with success at the highest level in examinations.”’