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Assemblies form an important part of life at Merchant Taylors’. They take many forms: Chaplain’s assemblies, House assemblies, Year assemblies and Sixth Form assemblies. The Head Master also regularly addresses the whole school, gathered in our Great Hall. The intention is to take a moment from our busy school day for reflection. Assemblies may be prompted by recent events that have been reported in the media. At other times, assemblies may be prompted by a moral or intellectual theme. In each case, we ask the pupils to follow a complex argument and engage with challenging concepts. In this, our assemblies are consciously countercultural to a world which is all too prone to offer soundbites, received wisdom or shallow argument.

Here is the Head Master's first assembly of the new term as well as two of the Head Master’s most recent Virtual assemblies from the Summer Term 2020.

Welcome Back September 2020

Six Rules of Life Assembly




Below, we offer a selection of the Head Master’s previous assemblies, organised in alphabetical rather than chronological order.