CCF Fieldcraft Weekend

In the first three days of the half term break, eleven army cadets and three RAF cadets had the opportunity to take part in a fieldcraft weekend. Read Cadet Sergeant Dominic's report on the training that took place.

In the first three days of the half term break, eleven army cadets and three RAF cadets had the opportunity to take part in a fieldcraft weekend. This took place at Hankley Common Training Area, and we took part in a number of activities, including lessons on fieldcraft skills, a reconnaissance task, and a final section attack on the last day.

All fourteen of us arrived at MTS on the Friday morning and spent the morning first issuing and packing kit, then driving down to the training area. One of the first activities was a stalk, in which the task was to get close enough to Sgt. Nottingham without being seen before firing two blank rounds. The majority of us were able to succeed in this task, and this really set the stage for the weekend. We spent the weekend on ration packs, which we had to learn how to cook that evening and then make for each meal across the weekend.


We were split into two sections of seven, and throughout the rest of the day and most of the next day we had a number of lessons, both indoors and outdoors. These included lessons on model building, reconnaissance tactics, and a fire and movement lesson. At the end of the Saturday, we utilised these skills in two practical exercises. The first of these was a task to move as a patrol to a designated location, to collect ration packs and to return to the accommodation. The challenge that came with this was that we may come under enemy fire, simulated by a staff member with blank rounds.

Should this occur, we had to return fire and withdraw from contact to make it back. As our section commander for this exercise, it was my responsibility to organise the section and give commands. It began smoothly as we were able to successfully make our way to the site, get the rations, and move off. On the way back we came under enemy fire and immediately had to return fire and begin the withdrawal.

Despite a few hiccups, we were able to successfully withdraw and make our way back. This was, overall, a very strong performance for a group of inexperienced cadets. We were able to overcome a number of issues that arose, such as navigating the difficult terrain whilst withdrawing, some minor issues navigating, and my own rifle failing to fire.

Later that evening, we were tasked with scouting out a known enemy position to gain information in preparation for an attack the following day. Our a section commander for this exercise was Cdt. Dattani. With a very long distance to cover as well as some issues navigating, we were able to successfully make our way there, and take nearby positions to observe the enemy position. We were able to gain all the necessary information and return to the accommodation without being seen.

The following day came the final section attack. The section, led by Cdt. Zaborsky, was able to make our way to position nearby, and begin making our way towards the enemy. Upon the enemy opening fire, the section commander came up with the plan for half of the section to provide covering fire while the other half performed a flanking manoeuvre to attack the enemy. The attacking group was successfully able to take the enemy position, while the covering group, of which I was a part, kept the enemies’ heads down whilst they moved. We succeeded in taking the enemy position and regrouping following the attack.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable weekend, however challenging. Every cadet who attended stepped out of their comfort zone and challenged themselves to push themselves further than they have before as a cadet. Special congratulations to Cdt. Juma and Cdt. Sidhu as new cadets to the RAF section who, unlike the army cadets, had never done any fieldcraft before. This has been a new experience for myself as well, and I would like to take this further by encouraging other RAF cadets to take part in fieldcraft opportunities if they arise. Many thanks to all staff members for organising this great opportunity.


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