OMT Cup Final Game of the Season

For the final game of the season, the 1st XI faced off against a formidable OMT side brimming with past captains and seasoned players. It was anticipated to be an arduous encounter, given the caliber of the opposition, and indeed, it proved to be the ultimate test for the team.

Writes Tom F.

The game commenced at a measured pace, with both sides probing for openings but finding few clear-cut chances. However, it was an OMT who broke the deadlock, capitalizing on a short corner opportunity to snatch the lead. Their advantage was further solidified as they doubled their tally just before the halftime whistle, leaving us with a mountain to climb in the second half.

As the teams emerged for the latter period, there was a palpable shift in momentum. The 1st XI, spurred on by the desire to salvage the game, exhibited a renewed sense of urgency. This newfound determination translated into a flurry of attacking manoeuvres, resulting in a string of short corner opportunities. Yet, despite our best efforts, we faltered in converting these chances into goals. No matter whether we tried to press forth with flicks by Alex Leitch or Jack Groves, or an agricultural strike from Faaris Ahmed at the top of the D, the elusive breakthrough eluded us.

This relentless push for goals left our defence vulnerable to the counter-attack, with man of the match Akshay Mistry valiantly guarding the MTS goal. Despite his heroic efforts and several outstanding saves, the OMT team capitalized on the spaces left behind, extending their lead with clinical precision. The final whistle blew with the scoreboard reading a 5-0 victory in favour of OMT. Thanks to all who played and congratulations to the OMT team on their success this year.

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