Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a global initiative, which challenges stereotypes and dispels preconceived notions about neurological differences. Its objective is to transform how Neurodivergent individuals are viewed and supported, by offering organisations the opportunity to acknowledge the numerous skills and talents associated with being neurodivergent.

Staff were offered two badges: one to share their neurodivergence, and the other to show their support for Neurodivergent members of the MTS community.

Celebration Wall

All staff and students were invited to contribute on our celebration wall in the Undercroft in the form of pictures, poems, and posters, illustrating ‘What Neurodiversity means to me?’. From this, throughout the week, interesting conversations sprung up about Neurodiversity and the display continued to grow, with thought provoking contributions filling the boards.



Throughout the week, the school conducted assemblies focused on neurodiversity, demonstrating their dedication to nurturing empathy and inclusivity among their community members. The goal of these assemblies was to enhance our community's comprehension of neurodiversity and to acknowledge that being neurodivergent is simply a different way of thinking. The enthusiastic response to these assemblies underscores the school’s pledge to cultivate an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels embraced, self-assured, and appreciated. It’s initiatives like these which can make a real difference in how we understand and embrace neurodiversity at MTS.


Parents’ Coffee Morning


On Thursday, we held our inaugural Learning Support department - Parents’ Coffee Morning. A total of twenty-four parents attended, creating a warm and engaging atmosphere. During this delightful morning, parents had the opportunity to connect with one another and engage with our dedicated learning support staff. They gained insights into how we provide support to pupils at Sandy Lodge. The feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited to make these coffee mornings a regular occurrence. Please do keep an eye out for updates on upcoming sessions, where Learning Support professionals will deliver informative mini sessions.

Student Drop in

On Friday, the Learning Support Department also organised a wonderful drop-in session for students and staff. The purpose was to create an open and welcoming space, where everyone could come together, enjoy cake, connect with others, and ask any questions they may have related to neurodiversity.

Executive Functions

Throughout the week, there were daily insights on each of the individual Executive Functions. Executive Function refers to a set of cognitive processes and mental skills that assist individuals in planning, monitoring, and successfully carrying out their goals. These essential skills play a crucial role in various aspects of our lives including school, work, and daily management. A quiz was circulated during tutor period to identify students’ strengths and challenges, and teachers were able to discuss different strategies which could be implemented.

Other activities…

To mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Philosophy Society discussed whether societal categories are too restrictive, asking questions concerning how medical diagnosis could be, in some sense, prescriptive. The discussion then moved on to include whether we should put people into categories and if further sub-categorisation could be so expansive that they risk becoming meaningless, as well as the appropriateness of terms such as 'neurotypical' and 'neurodivergent'. The conversation was illuminating, with teachers, Middle School students and Upper School students coming together to share their opinions on the matter, and reflect on what this means for us all at MTS as well as in wider society today.

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