Classics Trip to Greece

On the 31st March, nineteen very sleepy MTS boys got on a plane to Athens to begin a week of learning and enjoyment. Read Chaitya's (Divs) account of an incredible trip.

writes Chaitya J. (Divs)

We got on a coach and went straight to one of Byron’s muses, Cape Sounion, where we got our first chance to experience one of the unique selling points of the trip: sketching. We sat down and began to sketch the beautiful Temple of Poseidon.

The next day, we went for my personal highlight of the trip - a walking tour of Athens - seeing some of the most important sites in all of Greece, including the Athenian Acropolis, the Kerameikos & the Agora, birthplace of modern Western philosophy. While in Athens, we also saw two of the most important Ancient Greek museums: the National Archaeological Museum, and the Acropolis Museum, both housing some of the most important artefacts from the ancient period. We made sure not to forget to sketch, however!

Stopping at the minor Oracle of Trophonius and learning the slightly disturbing practices that went on there, we went to one of the most historically imposing (and perhaps most beautiful) location on the trip; Delphi, home of the Delphic Oracle. We saw the beautiful mountains, before learning about the treasuries that were kept there, as well as how the Oracle worked and the Pythian Games, before sketching parts of what is perhaps one of the most beautiful sites in Greece. We then went south into the Peloponnese, where we made our way to Olympia, the ancient home of the Olympics, seeing the huge temples of Hera and Zeus (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), as well as the ancient stadium (the obligatory race was won by Thomas H) before looking at the museum there, which was perhaps one of the best of the trip.

For our last day, we saw some of the most ancient sites of the trip, including Mycenae, home of Agamenon, Tiryns, where Hercules got his twelve labours, and Epidauros, the best preserved Ancient Greek theatre. When we left Greece, we left with full sketchbooks and even fuller brains. Thank you to Mr Husbands, Mr and Mrs Hale and Miss Gurmail-Kaufman for a wonderful and educating trip.

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