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Our OMT network have recently seen success from sport, to fund raising and we are delighted to share an update below.

Will Porter (OMT 2017)  had a stonking game for Saracens in their victory against Bordeaux in the Champions Cup on Saturday. He plays scrum half (number 9) scored twice and they squeaked home 42-41. 

Ethan Williams (OMT 2023) and Isaac Taylor-Cummings (OMT 2023) have been running to raise money for two charities and had the below to share:

Having run the Taylors' mile one too many times, which fuelled a passion for long distance races and general ultra-endurance stupidity, Isaac and I decided to graduate to the 4x4x48, a 48 miles ultra-endurance run over 2 days to raise money and awareness for young children's and young people’s mental health and conservation projects in Sri Lanka.

The challenge consisted of running 4 miles every 4 hours, for 48 hours, covering a distance equivalent to nearly 2 marathons!

Running through two nights, we successfully completed the challenge, however, it was somewhat at the expense of our sleep and legs! It was all worthwhile as they have both raised well over £1,000 for each of their chosen charities. Ethan, who was raising money for Young Minds Trust, said “I am delighted to have raised over £1000 for children's mental health and hope to have raised much more awareness around this widespread and often stigmatising problem.”

The links to their funds raising pages are:

Fundraiser by Isaac Taylor-Cummings : Marine & Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka Aug 2024 (

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