Field Day Science Challenge

Our thanks to all the schools that participated in this year’s MTS Science Challenge, where we competed in three challenges each related to a specific science. Yet again, it was an amazing day.

The day started in the beautiful sunshine, watching the CCF Inspection Day Parade. We then moved onto our first challenge; the Chemistry Challenge. This involved intense planning and teamwork, where teams were tasked with answering the question ‘Does particle size affect the rate of a reaction?’. After making an initial prediction, teams carried out a series of reactions between marble chips of varying sizes and hydrochloric acid, in order to test their prediction.

This was followed by a break for refreshments, before we were thrust straight into the next activity, the Biology Challenge. Here, students made an indicator and then found out if household substances were classed as acidic, alkaline or neutral. The visiting schools wasted no time in getting stuck in, showcasing lots of enthusiasm and determination to win. We paused to enjoy lunch, after which, we completed the last science-based challenge of the day - the Physics Challenge. All students were tasked with making an electromagnet to move a car and then after, a second challenge to build a bridge which would support the car. The bridge to withstand the highest mass won.

The winning school for this year’s MTS Science Challenge was Edge Grove School. Dr Lomas kindly presented the hugely delighted team with the Science Challenge trophy. Many thanks again to all schools for attending and to the MTS staff for hosting the event. We look forward to welcoming them all again to Merchant Taylors' Science Challenge 2025.

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