Gold DofE Success

Alex Bickerstaff (OMT) and Aaron Sardana (OMT) attended the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award presentation at Buckingham Palace earlier this week. This was hosted by Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the guest motivational speaker was Tim Peake.

During their time at MTS, Alex and Aaron worked hard to achieve their Gold awards. Alex reflected upon how his practice expedition was lovely warm weather, which lulled the boys into a false sense of security as during the actual expedition it rained constantly! Aaron shared this recollection, but noted how despite the poor weather conditions endured in the final expedition, the boys pushed through with the help of teamwork, and forged great friendships along the way. The skills learnt carrying out all sections of the award will serve them well in their future careers and pursuits.

Alex and Aaron left MTS in the summer of 2023. Alex is currently studying a masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, which he is thoroughly enjoying. Aaron is presently studying Medicine at UCL.

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