Fourths Visit Imperial War Museum with English

In English, some of the Fourths have been studying war literature. A day after D Day, a group of them visited the World War One gallery at the Imperial War Museum, where they were immersed in history of sacrifice, courage and resilience.

 As we walked through the World War One exhibitions, we were surrounded by history with each telling a story of sacrifice, courage and resilience. These photographs showed the harsh reality of war and how we should be grateful to those that fought for their country.

One activity that made us have even more gratitude to those in these tough and challenging conditions was when we filmed a short documentary about one object that struck us. We had to explain what it was used for, the significance of it (both now and then) and what has happened since. This made us imagine the sacrifices that were made and reflect upon the bravery and dedication of soldiers and those involved.

Leaving the museum, we all felt a sense of appreciation for the sacrifices, bravery and resilience to the war generation. The trip undoubtedly made us realise how grateful we are in today's society. Thanks to all who made it possible.

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