Gold Awards in the British Physics Olympiad

MTS Upper Sixth scientists win two Gold Awards in the British Physics Olympiad

The Physics Olympiad is a national competition for physicists to show their ability in the subject.

In order to prepare for the competition and other exams, a group of us have been attending Physics extension classes each week.

In these classes we have been improving our problem-solving skills and learning techniques that help solve questions beyond the A Level difficulty.

We sat two 1 hour 20 minute exams on 12th November which involved some major Physics topics such as electricity, mechanics and electric fields.

Awards were given out to the 2000 participants by performance with 50 people getting top gold, 100 with gold, 200 with silver, 300 with bronze I and 300 with bronze II.

Jay Roopra and Lawrence Farr achieved a gold award in this year's competition which is an amazing accomplishment and many more students got awards ranging from silver to bronze II.

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