Phab Week 2023

Much loved MTS tradition continues

On Saturday 19th August, an enthusiastic group of 40 students from Merchant Taylors’ and St Helen’s School embarked on a memorable journey to the Pioneer Centre in Shropshire. Brimming with excitement and anticipation, farewells were exchanged with parents as we commenced our adventure with a round of Ten Pin bowling, a delightful icebreaker that allowed us to bond before reaching our final destination.

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of a forest, the Pioneer Centre served as the perfect backdrop fora life-changing experience. With an array of outdoor activities like rock climbing, abseiling, raft building and zip lining, all guests were encouraged to participate and discover their adventurous side. Indoors, we found ourselves engaged in caving, archery, fencing and the beloved bouncy castle. For many, these activities marked a chance to step out of their comfort zones and savour unforgettable moments.

Sunday brought a special treat, as we were surprised with a trip to the Hippodrome in Birmingham city centre to see a spectacular performance of The Lion King. This was a captivating experience for the whole group. Monday was a day of encounters with exotic animals. Snakes, spiders, owls, hedgehogs, and more fascinating creatures paid a visit to the Pioneer Centre, enabling guests to interact with and even befriend them! But the surprises didn’t end there, as we were later treated to a mind-boggling magic show. From bending coins to sleight of hand and even password hacking, the close-up magic show left us in awe. The day concluded with the much-anticipated annual Phab Disco, where everyone dressed in their finest, dancing to DJ Rash’s Disco extravaganza. It was a night filled with laughter and music, with a touch of comical dance moves on display!

Throughout the week, we faced exhilarating adventures and challenges that tested our physical and mental limits. For many of our guests, it was their first time away from home, making the nighttime experiences especially meaningful. Whether conquering the climbing wall or paddling on the raft, students and guests worked together, providing mutual encouragement to push past their comfort zones. Confidences grew, barriers were dismantled, and hidden strengths were unearthed, all withing an atmosphere of unwavering support where every achievement was celebrated wholeheartedly.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Upper Sixth Form team for crafting such a special week, and to Mr Cataldo, Mr Wilson, Mrs Hazan, Mrs Knight, Mrs Omert, Latha and Oge for their invaluable contributions.

Lastly, we extend our deepest gratitude to Mr Flower for his incredible dedication and tireless work making Phab Week an enduring success over the past two years, and we all wish him the very best in his future endeavours in Dubai.

A link to the Phab Week 2023 video, directed by Josh Simpson (U6th):

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