Chemistry Success at MTS

Lower Sixth Chemists excel in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

In June, 41 Lower Sixth chemists sat the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, otherwise known as the C3L6. This was a challenging 90-minute paper which required the application of A Level concepts in a logical way to solve complex problems. The results for these were awarded in July, just after term had finished. However, the results were worth the wait, with the Lower Sixth chemists achieving the best results we have seen in recent years. Nine students attained a Gold Award, placing them in the top 10% of chemistry students nationally. The range of results were impressive, with 13 students being awarded a Silver Award (top 20% nationally) and 11 students attaining a Copper Award.

The following students received a

Gold Award:

Zain Ahmed
Ryan Bhasin
Roshen Gnanakuru
Stefan Jahora
Miles Johnson
Krishav Sehdev
Dillan Shah
Faiz Siddiqui
Sid Tiwari

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