Arkwright Scholarships

MTS secures a record number of prestigious awards

This year MTS Lower Sixth Formers have secured a record number of Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, with six boys gaining this prestigious award:

We are all delighted to receive the prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, a nationally recognised scholarship open to all Year 11 students across the UK who are planning a future career in engineering. Our generous sponsors include an atomic warhead company, a low orbit satellite company, an agricultural firm, and the esteemed Merchant Taylors' Company.

Obtaining this scholarship was a challenging yet rewarding process, involving an initial application then a design and engineering examination, which helped enhance our ability to design under pressure and improve our sketching skills. Finally, there was an interview with experienced engineers to assess our eligibility. This achievement grants us access to several benefits, including engineering-based work experience, funding for future projects, valuable industry connections, and a competitive edge when applying for engineering focused university courses. Additionally, a mentorship program offers us invaluable industry experience. We cannot wait to utilise these opportunities to further our engineering careers.

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