Phab 24 Hours of Music: MTS Make Some Noise to Raise Money

A few hours ago, the 24 Hours of Music came to an end, after a marathon night of continuous performances. Read on to hear some of the highlights of a fantastic day of music!

A few hours ago, the 24 Hours of Music came to an end, after a marathon night of continuous performances. The programme began yesterday lunchtime with the Chamber Choir rehearsal, at the same time as the Taylors’ Funk Soc played their set in the Undercroft. As soon as Chamber Choir finished, a long stream of soloists and ensembles began. Perhaps the highlight of the event- something which made it all feel worthwhile- was the concert for Phab guests at 4pm yesterday afternoon. Nine young people from Phab came to the concert in the Recital Hall, together with their parents, and thoroughly enjoyed all manner of music being played, including that by the DJ Society. Music continued throughout the night, with dedicated volunteers sleeping over in the music department practice rooms. Battling the wind and rain, the Thomas White Singers serenaded boys as they walked up the Long Drive this morning, whilst the Big Band played in the Chaplain's assembly this morning. The music didn't stop after assembly, continuing through academic lessons as boys gave up their time to perform. 

As part of the 24 Hours of Music, DJ Society were given an opening slot between 4pm and 5pm. After some focused preparation and practice, Rohan and Balraj  were ready to perform their first live gig. Their set coincided with a visit from our wider PHAB Friends who had come to enjoy the music. As our guests settled in, so did Balraj and Rohan and soon they had the whole of the Recital Hall jumping as our guests, MTS boys and some staff cut shapes on the dancefloor. What started as a chance for the DJ Society to make its debut performance and for the Music Department to raise money for PHAB (more on the 24 Hours of Music in next week’s Scissorum) turned into a party that the girls and boys from PHAB will never forget. Like all good parties, it ran over time and left the attendees looking forward to the next one! Well done Rohan and Balraj for adapting on the spot to a wide range of music requests, and for ensuring the party kept on going!

Of the innumerable people involved, including those who stayed overnight sustained only by energy drinks and chocolate, Aryan Daryanani deserves especial mention for overseeing the whole event. The event is of course a fundraising event for Phab, a charity which the school has supported for many years. Even by yesterday evening the event had raised over £1000. If you would like to donate, please visit

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