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Sports Kit

Where to buy

To order simply go to the MTS section of the Player Layer website. 

There is an extensive size guide and an FAQ section on the website to make sure you get the right size.  Garments will be delivered to your home address. Below is the compulsory kit package and any optional items that you would like to add.

Compulsory Sports Uniform ListOptional Sports Uniform List

Blitz Rugby Shorts
Bodyline Cricket Shirt S/S
Field Shorts Pockets
Pro Socks
Reversalayer Playing Jersey S/S
TrainaLayer Bottoms
VictoryLayer Performance Tee
All Conditions Training Top

Bodyline Cricket Trousers
Playerlayer Leggings
Playerlayer Shorts
Quarter Zip MidLayer
Playerlayer Crew Neck Baselayer
Beanie (non Fold)
LugLayer Backpack- 22L
LugLayer Holdall- 49L

Additional Sports Equipment
•    1 pair rugby boots with British Standard safety studs
•    1 Hockey stick (there will be a sale at school)
•    1 mouth-guard (rugby and hockey, available from O-Pro who visit the School each September)
•    Shin pads (hockey)
•    1 pair- predominantly white - trainers with non-marking soles
•    2 large towels
•    Swimming shorts (standard black)

Alternatively you can also purchase the kit in store from our retailer Pullens who have shops in Stanmore and Northwood.

Pullens (Uniform 4 Kids) 50 High Street, Northwood, HA6 1BL. 01923 840 050
Pullens (Uniform 4 Kids) 48-50 Church Road, Stanmore, HA7 4AH. 020 8954 3850

If you decide to buy direct from Pullens please note that the sports clothing will be slightly more expensive.

Parents should also be aware of our termly Used Uniform/Game kit sales which are run by the Ladies Association.

Please can parents ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named.